The Hollow-Man technique in product photography

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In fashion photography, the appearance plays an important role. In many cases, textiles are simply photographed from the top. The plastic effect is lost.

Finally, the customer wants to know how, for example, a dress falls and how it works in the worn state. On a tailor’s doll certain proportions come into play, but the frame and the neck cut are disturbing at the sight. Actually, only the product itself should be the focus and not a tailor’s doll. Even if a model presents a textile, the top appearance of this person can distract the product. In fact, only beautiful and slender models are used which, by their appearance, distract from the fabric.

The so-called Hollow-Man technique is an integral part of product and fashion photography. These are referred to as hollow bodies or ghost models, whereby only the outlines of the worn clothing are visible afterwards. The model itself or a tailor’s doll will be retouched away.

Hollow-Man as a special kind of exemption

In fashion photography it is common for most textiles to be presented by a model. It is not always, however, in catalogs or on websites, that the person should be photographed. Only the worn textile should be visible as a hollow body. In this case, the Hollow-Man technique is used.

As a rule, two photographs of the product are always required. Regardless of whether, for example, a dress is photographed from the front on a tailor or model doll or a model, the part concealed by the neck of the doll or the model is not visible in the photo later. The neck cut with the inner part of the fabric is particularly important, however, since the later dress is to be represented as a hollow body.

For this reason, the dress is not only photographed from the front, but must also surrender the inner part. For this, it is simply turned to the left and pulled back onto a tailor’s doll. Now the neck cut with the label can be photographed and later cut out.

An exemption service can help

The exact cut-out of the missing background of a Hollow-Man recording can be done particularly well by a professional release service, for example from Not every photographer is capable of compiling a picture-perfect photo with a photo-editing program. It is usually not enough to just release the two pictures. The actual image background is also to be considered.

If this is to be shown neutrally, the textile itself must also be removed from the background. Releasing photos is not a simple task. It can therefore be best carried out by an indemnity service. The specialists there are the best in image processing and can use their services effectively relieve the fashion photographer.