Returns: Paypal pays the colliery

By 21. June 2017June 23rd, 2017E-Commerce, Onlineshop, Uncategorized

A lot has been written and talked about the turnover shooter. Changed for most online shops however nothing. It has now been more than two and a half years since the EU legislation had been modified to allow online shops to cover the cost of returns to their customers. Because the large internauticians had communicated from the outset to continue to offer returns free of charge, many of the smaller traders did not dare to accept the unwelcome cost savings.

Now Paypal has discovered the return-dilemma as a PR measure. The payment provider reimburses the return shipping costs for online orders. Provided, of course, these had to pay at an online shop for it. For up to twelve returns per year, Paypal reimburses the cost of up to 25 euros, which should cover most returns. Within 30 days the reimbursement has to be applied, the application is processed within five days. Before this, the option has to be activated under Paypal.

The action has quite win-win character. Paypal handles payments – because only those who have paid the item beforehand with Paypal are eligible for the reimbursement action – and online shops can demand return costs without the fear of losing customers. Of course, it is a bit cumbersome to pay money and pay back later, but in the end Paypal pays the colliery. And this also applies to orders abroad.

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