Color change for the whole variety

If you want to offer your product in different colors, you would like to show it to your customers. But the effort to photograph the product in all its color variations can pose a temporal and organizational challenge. Here we will help you with our service “Change colors”.

You provide us with a picture. On the babsis of samples of varnish, material or color, we will process you photo in the appropriate variants. As an additional service, we also prepare your picture in such a way that you can “color” your photo by a multipath as and when required.

We clip any desired area, application and seam. You will either receive a final result according to your color chart or use our multipath service for further processing.

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At a glance –
our services:

  • Color change according to instructions CMYK, RAL, RGB
  • Coloring individual components
  • Colors and materials clipped extra
  • Fashion, machines, cars and any other products
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Color change in detail

Multiple areas of an image can be individually colored by the use of multi path clipping. This allows you to easily and quickly design your products for the customer. Whether shoelaces, main material, hair, skin, clothing or secondary materials: the multi path service allows you to individually colour the desired surfaces and objects and make your product unique. This process requires the necessary experience to work efficiently and colorfully. On the one hand, the result is natural and on the other hand, so that the created colors correspond to the real or desired colors as precisely as possible.

We have the necessary experience to offer you this service. Let us do the work for you and use your precious time for other tasks. Please take advantage of our personal telephone consultation to find out more about this time- and cost-saving picture processing.

Our clipping-team is available at or by calling +49 (0) 341 918 79 10!

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Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag