Clipping of food for optimal presentation

Do you know this kind of food photography, where you immediately get the water in your mouth? Often the composted works are by specialized photographers who know all tricks and tricks of the industry. But also through professional image processing, your photo of food and dishes can achieve this effect at the viewer. In the food trade, in the publishing industry or in the preparation of cookbooks, food photography is of the utmost importance. Individual foods, for example crisp fruit, can be emphasized and highlighted by clipping and image processing.

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Tips for food photography

It is important in food photography to observe some basic rules when recording. Design your image according to the third rule, or the golden section, for a harmonious image composition. Use items like ingredients and beautiful dishes to create an interesting picture. Choose a recording angle that matches your product. This can be a look at a soup directly from above on the plate. Particularly popular is a 45 ° angle on the food to show all the ingredients. Even a low depth of sharpness, which makes the desired object stand out against a blurred background, is a popular stylistic tool in food photography. Of course, you should light your food photo well. This is already achieved with cleverly installed window light. Avoid color shading through different light sources. Here, however, the post-processing can be easily corrected by means of the correct white balance and processing of the color balance errors during recording. By clipping you can combine your food photos again, or remove disturbing picture elements. So we pick the best out of your pictures.

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Who needs food pictures?

Everyone who has to do business with food benefits from good photos. No matter if you want to present your restaurant or want to show the latest offers of your supermarket in the best light: Only with professional pictures will you be able to convince your customers! Especially when looking at food, good photos are a must! You want to perfectly present the work of your Chefkoch, whether for your online presentation or for your menu? You are a baker and you want to attract clientele in your business with advertising agencies? Your freed ice cream cups should let the water flow into the mouth? All this works with good photos, which are perfect by the correct post-processing. Get the professional to the page when it comes to image processing and the clipping of food.

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