Bicycles free by professional image processing

A bicycle is not only a practical means of transport, but also a popular sports equipment. Bicycles are available in numerous designs. Whether you have a bike, a women’s bike, a men’s bike, a mountain bike, a city bike, a trekking bike or an e-bike, almost everyone has at least one bike.

Obviously, numerous competitors in onlineshops, on sales portals, as well as in sales brochures and catalogs, are looking for the favor of the customers. Professional photos of bicycles are a decisive factor in distinguishing themselves from competitors, whether online or in a specialist shop.

Photo processing on bicycles is a special challenge

The exposed image of a bicycle represents a special challenge that requires experience and time. Bicycles clipping – even if it is to record before neutral studio background – is complex and time-intensive.

Details such as spokes, chain, but also accessories such as a bicycle rack, can be particularly difficult to work with the bicycle. We have the necessary experience to clipp all the details of a wheel, regardless of the background. At the same time, we can also remove scratches and dust, or improve the color intensity and the representation of the exact colors. On request and depending on the intended use, we put the clipped bike in front of a white or any other background.

In addition, we can digitize your wheels digitally. Not only the large areas, but every detail of your bicycles can be adjusted in color. Tools necessary for a professional bicycle photo, Eg threads, stands or supports, we remove professionally. For a realistic presentation, we recommend a stand shadow for your presentation.

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Clipping bikes
with every detail

Take advantage of our opportunities and experiences in this area. Use our resources, we will provide you with the right data for you and your customers.

  • Clipping bikes
  • Create shadows
  • Retouch of dust, scratches, decales, finger prints
  • Create/remove reflexions
  • Color change
  • Optimize tire rounding
  • Replacement and reproduction of technical parts
Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag