Real estate and architecture optimally present for buyers and investors

To acquire a house or apartment is for most of us a unique and meaningful event in life. But also when looking for a new rental apartment, it is a long-term decision for a new home. For this reason, it is precisely in the area of ​​real estate and in the presentation of architecture that it is crucial to work with professional image material.

Expressive images of real estate should not only be realistic, but also particularly inviting, in order to arouse the interest of a potential buyer or tenant at first sight. For this reason, particular attention has to be given to the image processing of real estate. Here professional photo processing is worth every penny!

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag



At a glance-
our services:

Object photos of your property should convey the viewer a feeling for the place. Professional-quality pictures enable the potential buyer or investor to move mentally into the premises. Give your potential customer a positive feeling right from the start. We offer you at fair prices, among other things. The following services:

Here is our performance overview:

  • Houses / buildings / apartments / Real estate for online sale
  • Change color / color of houses / roomsBildmaterial für Hausverkauf bearbeiten
  • Correct the perspectives
  • Optimize the images for your exposé
  • Reconstruction of objects
  • Exchange of sky or background
  • Façades, windows, green areas
  • Buildings in different colors show
  • Real estate retouching and room retouching

Why a digital postprocessing?

Attractive architectural photography and the photographing of interior spaces is a challenge, even for a professional photographer. The perspective should be displayed correctly. Rooms should also be realistic and inviting under difficult light conditions. In addition, buildings are partially in the unfinished state or a customer would like to see the result before the conversion.

Thanks to the possibility to retouch real estate photos, you can save time and money here and still get high-quality photos of potential buyers. Present a change or a new painting of the façade in advance and use the edited photos as a decision aid for your customer.

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag



Exchange of heaven and more

Let your property shine through a blue sky particularly friendly and in the best light. We can use a professional image processing to remove rain clouds and a cloudy sky. Immediately, your property is more appealing.

We retouch the small flaws and create a future vision of your shell. Our professionals remove people, road signs, surge lines and build the missing part of your property. Through our many years of experience, we can make any changes realistic, so color changes are not a problem either. We make the most of your pictures and arouse the interest of your potential customers!

Exposé service
Real estate pictures:

  • Retouching your real estate
  • Layout and design of your exposé
  • background montage
  • Enhance the environment
  • Removing unnecessary items