Image standards of online sales platforms

Image optimization for the best sales success on eBay and amazon

Leonardo da Vinci already knew: The human being is an eye being who needs images. An attractive picture arouses our interest in a fraction of a second. You should use this as a salesman and work exclusively with professional pictures.

In particular, this applies to large sales platforms such as eBay, amazon or Google Shopping, where your offer should stand out from the competition. We know the different standards for product images accurately and help you present your products according to the guidelines to maximize your sales success.

Anyone who does not respect the image size and image design disqualifies itself on eBay, Amazon and Co. We make you and your products fit for sale!

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Longest side min. 500 px
High or medium picture quality
Best presentation with 1600 px
No borders allowed
Watermark and logos only 5% of size
Complete white background

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To be accepted at eBay you must use at least one photo of the product. The product must be clipped and displayed on a pure white background. In addition, the image may not contain a frame. Logos, graphics or texts are no longer allowed. We help you to select your pictures correctly and adapt to the specifications!

The quality of the pictures has an influence on your presentation! High-quality, professional photos are generally preferred in all marketplaces. Whoever is found faster sells more.

So get the help of the professional for your perfect presentation!

In addition to Ebay, Amazon and Google Shopping also have guidelines for image processing. For example, Google Shopping has a height and width of at least 1000 pixels as the default. Only files in the format .jpg and .png, which are of the order of 3-4 Mb, are accepted. Zoom views are not allowed and placeholder images are not accepted.

Contact us by phone or e-mail! We would be glad to provide you with a non-binding offer for your product pictures.

Guidelines for your product images

Always up to date

So everyone writes his own rules! The Amazon product image guidelines require images with a particularly high resolution so that the zoom function can be used without sharpness loss. Basically, only clipped photos are placed against a white background. On amazon you should offer several images from different angles, so that the customer can get the best impression of your product. In terms of image composition, amazon also has clear guidelines: the image should fill at least 80% of the total product.

Why are product images so important? – As a matter of fact it is not possible for the customer to view the articles online as well as on the spot in the shop. The essential task of product images is therefore to provide the customer with the most accurate idea possible. The various fabrics, the workmanship and the fit must be shown in the photo. The Hollow-Man assembly is particularly popular here. It makes the products look lively and dressed without using a model. Straight interior views of bags are complicated and can only be realized with tools. These tools should not be present in the image, they must be professionally removed by an image processing team. High quality product photos are a clear indication of quality and good service.

Especially on marketplaces like Amazon, product images have yet another function: They clearly increase the conversion rate! Here is a very simple rule of thumb. The more requirements are incorporated into the image, the faster you are found and the more clicks the product gets. Stand out from your competition and appear with your product in front of the others.

Be always up-to-date without huge work! Get a professional to your site that perfectly matches your Amazon and eBay images or your Google Shopping product photos for best sales success. Our team is available 24/7 via e-mail at!

No drawings
Pure white background
No watermarks or logos
72 dpi resolution
Image formats: JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png) or GIF
Illustration 80% of the total area
Min. 500 px / Max. 3000 px
Min. 1280 x 500 px for zoom function
Picture size min. 32×32 px – Max. 64 megapx
Clothes min. 250×250 px
No scaling of thumbnails
No borders allowed
No watermarks, logos or text
No coloured or patterned background
Only one product on each picture

Requirements for product images

Image optimization is particularly worthwhile in onlineshops, since it not only improves the appearance, but also increases the chance to be found among the many other providers. With regard to Google Shopping, we recommend that you list the product directly through a Google Merchant account. We take care of the pictures!

In order to optimize the images for Google Shopping, it is worthwhile to know the following background information about the online marketplace. What exactly is Google Shopping? Google Shopping is, like Amazon and eBay, a platform that provides sellers of products with a platform for online sales. Here, Google directly displays a price comparison in the categories of the product you are looking for. This listing is visualized with the existing product image. This means that your product image is the most important part. The customer decides at first sight!

Google Shopping has, like the other marketplaces, set indicators for which: adhering or packing! In order not to break the rules should not be submitted images smaller than 32×32 pixels or larger than 64 megapixels. For photographs of clothing items is a minimum size of 250×250 pixels. No pictures or thumbnails may be displayed enlarged. Also watermarks, logos or other text overlays are criticized. In addition to displaying only one product per image, the use of frames is also strictly prohibited. For all online product images, the objects are based on a pure white background.

This is much too expensive? No problem for us!

We know all the standards and optimize your images in record time. Just contact us and let our professionals help you.

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