Perfect clipped pictures-
Our clipping-service:

Take advantage of our clipping service and let us professionally clipp your pictures. Clipping images saves time and resources, make use of the clipping service for the optimal effect of your products. Choose your own background or use the clipping for your online shop or catalog.

  • Clipped pictures pixelfree regardless of motif and complexity.
  • Clipping of large volume in 24 hours.
  • Clipping of product photos for catalog or webshop. We supply your with various sizes and views for optimal product presentation and further processing.
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All sorts of clipping

Picture clipping – Leave it to the expert!

In times of world wide web and online shopping, clippers have become essential for advertising in a wide range of business areas. In order to achieve optimal results and the most realistic effects possible during image clipping, you should consider giving the precise work to an expert. In the case of vacancies, we have specialized in the clipping of images for a wide range of industries and business areas, and not only have the technical tools and programs, but also the necessary know-how to always get the most out of your product photos.

Under professional photographers, it is a matter of course that every expert has his job done: The photographer delivers top photos, which are then processed by the specialist agency within a very short time. This saves the photographer not only time but also money.

Leave these tasks to us, as we can quickly and efficiently return your data. Take advantage of our express test service for a clipping and see for yourself the professionalism and speed of our image editing.

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Clipping Services-
what we can do for you:

  • Clipping of your pictures
  • 24h clipping service
  • Telefonic consultancy
  • Express service
  • Clipping with multipath
  • Volume discount
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Your partner
for clipped pictures

To clipp a graphic means to free a certain image element from its background. Once this has been done, the cut object can easily be inserted into a variety of backgrounds and situations.

The technique of clipping is the basis for the design and placement of your creative and promotional works. Precision and speed are required, since otherwise the image-cut is a time-intensive reworking.

You are a specialist when it comes to shooting outstanding portraits of people, products or animals. Let us work as a professional in the field of image processing to get the most out of your pictures!

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Our experience for your photographic project

In the digital area clipped pictures are indispensable for an optimal product presentation. The clipping not only allows placement in different locations and different backgrounds, but the customer’s attention is directed directly at the product in the case of a clipped object, without being distracted by a restless background. In addition, cleanly clipped product photos act professionally and ensure a serious visual appearance of your company.
You are a specialist when it comes to shooting excellent product images. Let us work in the area of ​​image processing as a professional to make the best of your pictures!

Accurate results thanks to accurate work with the alpha channel

In order to separate an object from its background, a detailed work is performed with so-called masks and planes. For our particularly precise clipping, we also work with the so-called alpha channel, which allows a clear separation between the element to be cut out and its background by means of color and contrast. With a lot of experience, a keen eye and the right technology, we ensure precise clippings even with the finest details!

For our work always applies: Your individual desires are at the top. Not only in the field of image clipping, but also in the image processing and the optimization of light, shade, color and size, we stand as a partner at your side and implement your ideas into action!

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