Shadow and mirror effects

insert and create realistically

“Where light is, is also shadow”, this also applies to photos. A picture is alive and believable only when it is not isolated in the airless space. Reflections on smooth surfaces are also indicators for a realistic picture. The effect may be subtle, but it can make the difference between an appealing presentation and a lifeless presentation.
On request, we can provide your released product photos with shadow effects or reflections. Convince yourself how much more appealing and high-quality an image works through these supplements!

Schatten und Spiegeleffekte Feder mit Schatten
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Shadow and mirror effects –
Impress your customer:

  • Original shadow and 3W shadow
  • Shadow- and mirror effects in seperate levels
  • Use of available shadows
  • Realistic presentation of your motives
  • Improvement of the pictures

Perfect shadows for a realistic presentation

Shadows lend depth, dimension and realism. To give a clipped object a believable shadow requires experience and a good eye. The angle, the intensity, the light incident and the contour should have a realistic effect. Helpful for a shadow creation are shots that already contain a shadow. Without an original shadow examples and separate requirements can define the desired shadow.

We can offer you different shadows. The following variants are possible:

  • Drop Shadow – simple shadow throw with a uniform angle and transparency definition
  • Realistic Shadow – complex shadow reconstruction with consideration, light intensity, intensity and position
  • Stand Shadow – additional enhanced shadow effect also shadow point, wheels, furniture feet, feet, table legs, shoes and much more
  • Original Shadows – Use the with-photographed original shadow

An unbelievable processing creates a negative image effect. We will provide you with your desired shade taking into account your examples and requirements. The shadow is suplied in an extra layer with a separate path. You can edit the created shadows yourself at any time, transparency, position, size, intensity and more.

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Realistic mirror effects for the final touch

Through reflections, objects look more plastic, a depth effect is produced and your product looks at the same time high-quality.
We humans are programmed to perceive shining objects as particularly high-quality. This psychological effect can be used by our professional image processing. Above all, jewellery and watches look more appealing through a reflection. Helpful for a realistic reflection, are recordings which already contain an original mirror. With various aids and different subsoil such as eg. glass panels, you can achieve a realistic photographed mirroring.

Have a test picture released by our team and see for yourself what a difference arises. Just contact us via our contact form and you will soon receive a feedback from our team!

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