Clipped machines for professional use

There are a number of factors that must be taken into account when taking machine pictures and when editing images. In order to print the machine in action, for example, the persons who use and monitor the technology must often be photographed. In addition, larger machines are usually not mobile and have to be scanned at the place where they are located – here dust or unfavorable light conditions can cause problems for the photographer. Also, metal surfaces often provide unsightly reflections and reflections in the image. Here we come into play: in the case of clipping, we are real experts in terms of the clipping of machines and the retouching of certain effects and objects within a photograph. So it is not a problem for us to retouch the people who have been photographed, reflections or technical aids such as cables, supports or pallets. We can easily rework and optimize the lighting conditions afterwards.

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At a glance –
our services:

  • machine clipping with path
  • clipping tools and medical instruments
  • change color of machines with multipath
  • color corrections, image optimization, dust, scratches
  • transparent surfaces
  • background montage

Look at the details!

Despite the often extensive size of machines, the details in this industry play a large role. Only with the right composition of the fine parts does a machine work as it should, which is why it must be retained in the photograph. With a keen eye and a lot of fingertip feeling, our experts work on the detailed clipping of machines and thus ensure an exact recording of all the details, which are not lost even with severe reductions or enlargements.

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Your vision, our implementation

From industrial machinery to machine parks to tools: We take care of the processing and the clipping of every industrial photo. Thanks to our many years of expertise and modern technology, we are always working precisely in detail – characteristics which are particularly important in the industrial sector.

The elaborate and detailed composition of innumerable small parts is to be optimally utilized in the whole as well. This way, you can easily stand out from your competitors. We can also work out individual components of a machine, so that in the end it is only the object that you want to represent.

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Retouching and image optimization

The photographing of – mainly – large, fixed machines is usually not suitable for the online presentation. Either the light is not optimal, the machine is operated or is polluted by the location and use. Without postprocessing, you can only imagine less optimal images. Our postproduction offers you the right service!

We take over the complex retouching of dust, reflections or scratches, as well as the optimization of light, shade and color, so that the finished photos provide an optimal presentation of your machines and tools. Convince yourself now of the expert for the processing and exemption of machine photographs!

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag