Google update for Adwords keywords

By 21. June 2017August 17th, 2017Clipping, E-Commerce, Onlineshop, Uncategorized

Google’s AdWords are among the most important tools when it comes to attracting buyers to the online store. AdWords campaigns are effective but costly. So far, many online shops have been worried about what keywords they book with AdWords. Ultimately, they decide decisively on the success.

Now there is good news from Google. In a press release, the Internet company reported that keyword recognition had been revised. This is to generate up to three percent more clicks for exact matches than before. This would have resulted in tests.

Less abstractly explained: By automatically adding, changing or omitting function words, advertisers need fewer keywords. For example, if Google searches for the term “shoes to run,” he will also see AdWords with the keyword running shoes. After all, both sides want to be brought together. The online shop sells running shoes, the customer searches for them. With which term, should not play a role with minimal deviations.

Another example is the automatic change of search queries. Looking for a customer “Miami to Bahamas cruise” is the same as the keyword “Bahamas cruise of Miami”. You will notice that the new feature will save the operators of online shops a lot of time.

What the function does not do: it does not reorder keywords. This is an advantage. If someone is looking for a flight from Berlin to London, he does not want to see flights from London to Berlin.

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