3D Visualization

Impress your building project

Your project is still in the planning phase and has only the building site? We support you and the imagination of your customers with a 3D visualization!

The 3D visualization allows the customer a realistic all-round view of your project. This technique is used primarily in the architecture sector, but is also becoming more and more popular in other areas. Make the dimensions clear to your customers and provide a visualization and truthful representation of the object.

We will provide you with a 3D representation based on the data of your architect, floor plans, as well as construction plans and photo material. With the help of solar radiation, shadow effects and suitable background montage, we let your project come to life and create new dimensions for your architectural projects!

Benefit from the 3D visualization and impress investors and customers with a realistic, three-dimensional presentation of your plans!


3D Visualization
our services for you:

  • fotorealistic 3D visualization
  • architecture visualization
  • interior visualization
  • residential and commercial real estate
  • real estate exposé
  • layout visualization
  • optimize location portraits

Interior Design

Focus on the feel-good factor – we set up your empty rooms and design them stylishly and appealingly. This stimulates the interest of the customer and can lead to a quick purchase decision.

More than clipping –
Do not build a house, but a home

The experienced professionals from freistellen.de know not only with excellent clipping from smaller objects, but are also specialized in creative implementation. This makes it possible for your architectural visualizations to create detailed views from the outside and inside. Whether it is the landscaping, the insertion of weather stations or infrastructure – our employees can access your extensive portfolio to make your visualization as realistic as possible.

In order to give your presentation the finishing touch, we can create an atmosphere with shadows and light reflections, which will inspire your customers and investors. Highlight the uniqueness of your project using light shading and texturing. You will get a true-to-life shot before the construction phase has begun.

Create breathtaking 3D complete solutions at the push of a button! Our advanced 3D rendering and visualization technology allows you to make an interactive virtual tour of your ground plans. Watch your live 3D ground plans in three exciting ways – Fly over the floor plan to get a clear view of the layout, navigate the room with an avatar, or walk around viewing rooms as if you were actually there are!

Convince your investors and customers with a professional presentation of your projects!

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag




Floor plan

Create a new dimension for your projects and use the opportunity to customize and select the details!

Exterior view

Customize the landscape and the environment to make your project even more attractive. We support you in 3D!

Interior view

Encourage the imagination of your customers with an appealing interior design and invite you to feel good even before construction begins!


Visualize your plans on a large scale. We will give you a new perspective on your object by presenting it from the bird’s perspective!

3D Visualisierung Gebäude Außenansicht
3D Visualisierung Gebäude Innenansicht Einrichtung
3D Visualisierung Gebäude Außenansicht


3D Visualization

Image Enhancement

Graphic & Webdesign

Change sky & background

Exposé Service

Interior Designer

Recognize the real dimensions of a room for further design. Estimate the size of the room and use the illustrated room flow to optimally adjust the interior.