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Image processing 24 h

We make more of your pictures!

Images have always been among the most important instruments of any marketing campaign. In the digital age, the importance of photos for product advertising and the company presentation has even risen. Our Freistellen-Team support you in the optimal presentation of you products in onlineshops, on your website or in the catalog. Whether you want to make pictures in front of different backgrounds or to optimize your photos with regard to light, shade and color saturation – we stand by your side with know-how and state-of-the-art technology!

Every customer and every industry is unique and has different requirements. That is why we offer our customers individual solutions for the release of product images in the digital and print area, so that you always get a result that corresponds to your specific concept. Whether it is simple product photos or complex haircutters: when clipping, we always pay attention to precise and clean work. You can not only instruct us with clipping pictures with the help of alphakanal masks and path-freeers, but also techniques such as mirror and shadow effects, retouching of perspectives as well as the insertion of backgrounds are part of our performance portfolio.



Take a photoshooting after another and then even the post-processing itself? Please save yourself the time and give these tasks to us!

Graphic designer

In many projects, you can hardly do without clipped picture material – we release the photos while you can be creative.


Whether you are creating a website, editing a new digital presence for your customers or print products, you need meaningful pictures and we put them in the right light.


We take care of the processing of your product photos for the professional appearance in our own webshop on eBay, Amazon or Google Shopping and many other marketplaces.
Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag


We have many years of experience in post-production

With our clipping service as well as the express service your pictures are perfectly staged in every detail! Here we are the right partner for agencies, photographers, online shops, manufacturers, industry, mail-order companies and many more and offer you an efficient and professional data process, tailored to every customer. Do not hesitate! We are at your disposal for any personal consultation. We create the best offer for you and are your partner for your digital processes.

Do not hesitate!

We are gladly take the time for a personal consultation and to provide you with a suitable offer. Our employees are at your disposal with the necessary competence at all times. Use our contact form or the telephone to reach us.

+49-341-918 79 10  I  24@freistellen.de

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Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag


Image processing and clipping service

Clipping pictures, time for more

Our team of FREISTELLEN works for photographers, media agencies, onlineshops, mail order companies, advertising agencies, manufacturers and freelancers, as well as for all who want to outsource their digital image processing and postproduction in order to save internal capacities. Our clipping service works reliably, quickly and efficiently. We deliver unauthorized pictures at an unbeatable price in absolute top quality. Because it does not matter if the order is from you for a picture or for one thousand pictures. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

It is one of the most time-consuming and equally relevant tasks to make product images ideal and to promote sales. Free pictures, that means to cut pictures with a masking or a clipping path from the background. It offers the greatest flexibility in handling digital imagery. Focus on the clipping is a motive for itself to act alone or the combination of further images intensively and concisely put into scene. The process of this image processing covers a variety of industries and purposes. Publishing product photos is one of the most important fields of application here, but it also clipps photos, in order to prepare individual motifs for print media and catalogs.

Offer Clipping Service

We offer you the possibility to upload your test pictures to our server via 3W SAFEBOX, Wetransfer, Dropbox or FTP, where you can usually also collect your finished, clipped photos within a few hours. Use our contact form to get your access. Obviously, we deliver the highest quality, that is pixel-accurate and loss-free. This also means that we not only send you the finished clipping in the file format of your choice, but also masked or with a clipping path if required. So you get from the finished JPG for your onlineshop to the Photoshop format PSD including retouching and clipping path exactly what you need. At your request we perform the complete image processing and retouching, for example, special effects such as shadows and reflections. Or we can supply you with ready-to-use square templates, which are common in today’s online shop systems. Scaling your images and product photos are also no problem. You tell us the size of your shop photos – about 2000 x 2000 pixels – and we bring all your images exactly to the desired format. You are welcome to send us a test photo, either by email or via one of our entrances. After you have filled out and sent the corresponding contact form on our website, you will receive an access of your choice for a smooth and fast data upload. The image processing of the motifs is carried out immediately and the finished file formats are immediately returned to you. This means you can be confident about the quality of our services. In addition, we offer you an express service service (1, 3, 6 or 12 hours) when it has to be done very quickly. Our ultimate goal is that you are satisfied with our work and our service, free pictures. We also simplified payment and order processing for you. You pay conveniently with Paypal, by invoice or bank transfer. More and more photographers, advertising agencies, print houses and industrial customers place their trust in freistellen.de’s clipping service when it comes to receiving top quality photos for their online and print media such as catalogs, advertising campaigns, web pages, Fast and with a transparent price overview.

Clipping pictures with professional image processing

The clipping of images and image motifs can reach enormous complexity, depending on the source material. Simple geometric shapes and shapes are considerably easier than the head of a woman. Depending on the complexity and the purpose of the application, the professional release therefore has several tools, all of which work differently and must be mastered down to the last detail in order to obtain a perfect clipping result. The quality of the starting material also plays an important role, in particular sharpness, background color and resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the result, since it is much more detailed and more targeted. Some simple motifs can be efficiently released with the appropriate Photoshop tool, others require many individual steps. Which tools are used where, and above all, why, is the task of the release. His experience determines how practicable an end-of-life motive is at the end. The image clipping via paths is one of the best known methods as these paths or trimming paths can be further processed by default The path tool is not suitable for filigreed objects such as hair or animal fur. Since the release takes place at the edge during this retouching but can no longer detect a clear color contrast. Wherever the finest shading, blurring, transparency or color transitions and transitions take place, the method reaches its limits with a path. Through the corresponding tools, the background becomes transparent and the desired motif becomes a separate layer. This, in turn, can also be combined and used across the entire document. In the field of product photography and presentation, the clipping of a product usually means that it is detached from the background to place it on a clean background.

Why should I clipp pictures?

The Internet is the largest marketplace at all. A large number of people do their shopping on the Internet: this is not only convenient, but also offers the opportunity to rest in peace on a diverse offer. So you do not spend your precious leisure in queues at the cash desk or in the evening service. In addition, there is often a portoformal delivery directly home, which makes online shopping even more attractive. For these reasons, the online market will continue to grow and become the most important source of sales for many industries. The competition at online shops is great, so everyone should be as good as possible. In a professional onlinemarketing and a good online presentation with realistic and clipped product photos today, no dealer or producer can come by if he wants to win customers and bind them in the long term. This is proved by all current market studies. A good photographer who puts your products in the right light for different applications is just as important as high-quality pictures of your products to confirm the customer’s purchase intention. Taking photos is an absolute must if you want to succeed with your products in the highly competitive markets. It does not matter whether you are designing a web shop or want to make a catalog of your offer and print it. The clipping allows you as customers various processing methods. You can insert (and always change) a background of your choice or, for example, make photomontages according to your ideas, in order to display or highlight your product visually. Also the representation of your product in different colors is simplified because there is no longer any background, which would change at the same time. You can also work with different transparencies, or simply use the image provided by 3W EXPRESSIONS directly for your website or printed catalog. Another important reason for image clipping as well as our clipping service: Known platforms and marketplaces like Amazon, ebay, Google Shopping and other online marketplaces insist that you clipping your pictures and deliver clear illustrations of your products.

The psychological effect of appealing product photos

Anyone who leaves his pictures and prepares them accordingly has a market advantage compared to his competitors. Appealing pictures are associated with professionalism, as well as presenting the customer with the highest quality product as transparent as possible. The consumer feels this is positive! Conversely, product pictures that do not look high-quality are always considered unprofessional. The consumer associates products against distracting background with the offer of private sellers, as one knows them from the classified part. This is accompanied by the association of used or even inferior goods as well as a lack of warranty and guarantee. These subconscious thoughts are to be counteracted by the image clipping. The buying impulse of customers can be controlled and influenced. A clear product presentation is a key factor here, because a customer feels, among other things, well informed about the photos presented to him, which gives him a good feeling, which in turn can lead to a positive decision. Conversely, the lack of such a high-quality presentation leads in almost all cases to the fact that the consumer would prefer to continue searching and break a purchase with you. In fact, almost all customers are willing to invest a few euros more in an exemption service when the presentation gives the impression that the seller sells high quality products and quality. Basically, dealers and manufacturers are more interested in impressing your customers with the best possible photos than with a long description. Our offer is also aimed at all who want to run onlineshops, in marketplaces, but also in web and print agencies with the need for the best possible objects as well as for photographers and photo-studios. You can leave your pictures clipped, optimize with other options such as reflections or shadows, or even for the respective sales system and the respective intended use, at an unbeatable price, best possible quality without quality loss and in the shortest possible time.