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Image processing 24 h

We make more of your pictures!

Images have always been among the most important instruments of any marketing campaign. In the digital age, the importance of photos for product advertising and the company presentation has even risen. Our Freistellen-Team support you in the optimal presentation of you products in onlineshops, on your website or in the catalog. Whether you want to make pictures in front of different backgrounds or to optimize your photos with regard to light, shade and color saturation – we stand by your side with know-how and state-of-the-art technology!

Every customer and every industry is unique and has different requirements. That is why we offer our customers individual solutions for the release of product images in the digital and print area, so that you always get a result that corresponds to your specific concept. Whether it is simple product photos or complex haircutters: when clipping, we always pay attention to precise and clean work. You can not only instruct us with clipping pictures with the help of alphakanal masks and path-freeers, but also techniques such as mirror and shadow effects, retouching of perspectives as well as the insertion of backgrounds are part of our performance portfolio.



Take a photoshooting after another and then even the post-processing itself? Please save yourself the time and give these tasks to us!

Graphic designer

In many projects, you can hardly do without clipped picture material – we release the photos while you can be creative.


Whether you are creating a website, editing a new digital presence for your customers or print products, you need meaningful pictures and we put them in the right light.


We take care of the processing of your product photos for the professional appearance in our own webshop on eBay, Amazon or Google Shopping and many other marketplaces.
Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag



We have many years of experience in post-production

With our clipping service as well as the express service your pictures are perfectly staged in every detail! Here we are the right partner for agencies, photographers, online shops, manufacturers, industry, mail-order companies and many more and offer you an efficient and professional data process, tailored to every customer. Do not hesitate! We are at your disposal for any personal consultation. We create the best offer for you and are your partner for your digital processes.

Do not hesitate!

We are gladly take the time for a personal consultation and to provide you with a suitable offer. Our employees are at your disposal with the necessary competence at all times. Use our contact form or the telephone to reach us.

+49-341-918 79 10  I  24@freistellen.de

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag



Image editing and clipping service

What does “image clipping” means?

Digital image processing has become increasingly professional in recent years. Thanks to special software and image tools, a photo on the computer can be extensively reworked, changed and released. The virtual retouching makes it possible to change the color of photos, to manipulate certain areas of the image or even to completely remove them. When clipping with a digital tool, a clipping path or a mask is placed around the main subject of an image. The disturbing background of the image is completely removed – leaving only the object to be released. The advantage is obvious: On cropped images nothing distracts from the main motive, products or other motives can be optimally presented.

Clipping pictures –
That´s how we work at FREISTELLEN

You photograph yourself or coordinate the product photography, we edit your pictures and take care of the exemption – it’s that simple! It does not matter if you are only commissioning an image or placing a mass project with us. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, it is first of all necessary to coordinate the order exactly. After all, you have certain ideas about the exempted motive, which we gladly and professionally implement. You would like to have your subject released on a white background? Or do you rather work with a transparent background? As you wish – after a personal consultation, we work with pixel precision and precise to your specifications. So that the transfer of the image data between you and FREISTELLEN also involves the technology, we offer several options for the upload. You can upload your photos to our server either via FTP, 3W SAFEBOX, Wetransfer or Dropbox. Simply use our contact form to get your personal access quickly and easily.

Once your pictures have arrived and the briefing is discussed, everything goes very fast. As a rule, you can download your photos after a short time. For those in a hurry, we offer an express service, where you get back your edited data within one, three, six or twelve hours. Our cut-outs deliver the finished files in the format of your choice, if desired also cut to fit in the correct image size. Images for an online shop, we send as needed as JPG or in Photoshop format (PSD). In the latter case, the object to be released and the background lie on separate layers. This gives you the option to show or hide image areas individually.

What is the price for image clipping?

Much less than you think! FREISTELLEN offers image processing or exemption at reasonable prices in perfect quality. Our release service works efficiently, on time and with absolute reliability. Our pricing is fair and transparent. It depends on the order volume and the object to be released. Exempted motifs, such as fashion, shoes and furniture for an online shop, we also deliver in large quantities at a fixed price. More complicated work, such as hair-removal or separation of groups of people, is slightly more expensive because of the higher cost. Example complacent? The exemption of a simple jewelry item is available from 0.80 euros, we provide single persons from 3.00 euros per image free and the price for groups starts at 5.00 euros per image. Payment is easily and conveniently made by Paypal, Invoice or Bank Transfer.

Of course, we also gladly implement optional services – shadows, reflections, scaling, etc. Contact our telephone support and convince yourself now of our 24/7 service and the work of our competent Freistell staff – and on top conditions. With this complete package we are a convincing partner for the processing of your photos. We make our contribution to your project – be it an online shop, a catalog with product photos or pictures or the design of a website. Emotional and high-quality images are the key to sales success in all cases!

We improve your pictures:
Clipping, Retouch, Montages and more

An indispensable part of a marketing campaign is and remains the image. That is why we offer you the best possible support in the presentation of your photos. Regardless of whether you want to free up objects, optimize the quality of the images by retouching or have complex ideas – such as shadow or mirror effects – FREISTELLEN is a competent partner in all aspects of image processing and digital postproduction.

The results of our processing will inspire you! Make an inquiry today or test our unbeatable service with a free trial. We also like to make you an individual offer – z. Eg for recurring large orders!

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag