Bags and cases clipped by the expert

They are available in a variety of different colors, colors and for every living situation: bags and cases are among the products that everyone really owns. As in many other industries, there is also a trend towards online shopping when buying bags and suitcases. More and more people make their purchase decisions on the Internet. At, we ensure that your products are presented optimally in onlineshops or on your website.

From bag-freeing to scaling and processing your product photos, we are there for you! Of course, we also take care of the non-digital area: enlargements for billboards, image processing for flyers or color adjustments for catalogs are also part of our comprehensive service portfolio.


Optimization of light, shadow and color: postprocessing of pocket photographs

We consider ourselves as experts for a wide range of industries and we always know what to look for in the respective image processing. For bags and suitcases, color fastness and the optimization of light and shade are particularly important. This not only gives you a silent image of your products, but also creates an effective depth effect, which tells the customer what the bag looks like on your own arm. It is important for us to present the product in such a way that it can fully unfold its effect and at the same time provide the customer with the most realistic picture possible of the bag or case. This is the only way to achieve the highest level of satisfaction, both with you and with your customers guaranteed and by the way reduce your return rate.

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag



Individual solutions for individual products

There is not the right solution for the clipping or the digital post-processing of photographs. Instead, the individuality of each product in photography must always be taken into account. For example, in a photograph of a silk evening bag other factors play a role than in photos of leather nappa bags or sports bags made of textile. One thing, however, always applies when clipping bags and cases: Precision! With a good look, years of experience and modern technology, we ensure an exact and detailed clipping of your products.

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag


Precise and exact:
Bags and suitcases

Also the details are to be considered in the picture processing of bags and cases. From sparkling rivets with a mirror effect to the correct folding to light and shadow optimization, which give the photo a realistic look, we are your contact! Do you offer a bag in several color variations? We at also take care of the color adjustment of your product photos. So you do not have to scan each model individually, but you can easily select the color in which we digitally color the product on the computer.

Removing photographic

Photographing of bags involves some difficulties that can be solved with tools. For photographers, many photographers rely on different stands, which have to be removed from the picture afterwards. This requires not only time, but also patience and the necessary know-how.

Our team is made up of graphic designers, programmers and photographers who are familiar with the everyday problems of photographers. We know exactly what to do! Use our free test to convince yourself of our skills. We look forward to you.