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High-quality product recordings have become indispensable in sales and advertising. In every online shop, impressive photos are needed to boost sales. The viewer must be fascinated by the photo and can look at it as if it were in the shop around the corner. In general, it is not so difficult to create good product shots.

The equipment is important

Many amateur photographers would like to take a simple compact camera, for example, the Dachbodenfunde for Ebay and Co. photograph. Here, too, better photos with an optimal illumination naturally attract more potential customers. If, on the other hand, you would like to photograph products for your own webshop, you should choose a slightly higher-quality camera. Ideally, of course, digital SLRs or system cameras equipped with a lens with a focal length of 80 to 100 mm. It is also possible to use modern bridge cameras with fixed zoom lenses.

As a further aid, a tilt-proof tripod with a 3D tilt is required. In order to be able to release products, a neutral background should be chosen. Either large, solid-color cardboard is used here, or a pick-up table with a hollow groove or a light cube is used. Finally, at least two photo lights must not be forgotten. If necessary, this can be two desk lamps with halogen bulbs.

If you want to photograph objects from all sides, you can use a turntable. If smaller objects are difficult to attach, kneading gum, needles and tesafilm can be a good helper. If, for example, bags, bags and other containers made of fabric are to be photographed, it is advisable to fill them with filler. Then the contours and shapes are better preserved.

The right lighting

With good lighting, the motifs to be photographed are not only properly illuminated, but also the surface structures are better developed. An individual lighting is to be selected for each motif. If you play something with light and shadow, you can conjure up very impressive photos. For a uniform and shadow-free illumination, a lamp can be attached to a recording table on the left and right, which illuminate their light at a 45-degree angle to the subject.

Hard shadows can be mitigated with a light tent or softbox. If you have only a few luminaires, you can also illuminate certain areas of the subject with mirrors. For a good lighting often several photos of a subject have to be created. Then the best results can be found most easily.

Mirroring or reflecting surfaces are particularly demanding. These are not very easy to light up. Likewise, there are also translucent objects, such as a cocktail in a shapely glass. Then a background lighting can be an advantage.

Clipp products for further use

Uncapping photos is a particular form of image processing. Here, the actual object in the image comes to the fore by cutting the entire foreground and background. This is comparable to the actual motif being cut out of a paper photo with the scissors. The exemption can take place in many ways. Either blurs the background completely in blur or is over-exposed.

As a rule, images are released by replacing the background with a neutral background. This often requires good knowledge of an image processing program. The subject must be masked or a so-called path around the contour. Many use an exemption service for this work. Such a freeman, as for example at, offers the technical prerequisites as well as the experienced employees, who are familiar with the release of pictures. Even difficult motifs with hair, fur or other filigree components can be perfectly released. The created photos can then be provided with an individual background. This makes it possible to use the recordings for almost every online shop.

Even before the commissioning of an exemption service the photographer can prepare his photos accordingly. If possible, the background should not be too restless. Monochromatic backgrounds are best suited for product photos when they are to be released. Some photographers use the blue and green screen techniques known from film technology. What is important is that the release provides a good contrast between subject and background.

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