Jewelry and watches optimally staged

Jewelry and watches have been coveted for many centuries worldwide. Still, it is a true art to capture the splendor and beauty of a fine piece of jewelry entirely with the camera. Both in jewelry photography and in watch photography, the digital post-processing of the photos is necessary so that the images adequately represent the products and bring them to the best advantage. We at consist of professionals for a wide range of industries and we also look after the visual optimization and clipping of your jewelry and watch pictures!

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag




  • clipping of chains and rings
  • clipping pictures of watches
  • retouching, dust, scratches, fingerprints
  • removing tools
  • multipath: colors and materials separated paths
  • add shadows and reflections
  • scaling of images for your online shop

Light and shade create realistic effects on jewelry and watch pictures

You want your watch and jewelry photos to be more than just lifeless images of real treasures? This is exactly our goal: With realistic shadow and mirror effects we evaluate your product images visually and breathe life into the photographed pieces. Also the natural insertion of light reflexes as well as mirroring effects is of great importance in our work with jewelry and watch pictures, because this is the only way to capture the sparkle and glitter of the necklace, bracelet, watch or ear ring and transport it completely to the observer. In addition, the photograph is perceived as a sculptural and high-quality image by reflection and light reflections, and the resulting depth effect gives the photo more dimension and realism.

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag



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High-quality optimization – our retouching service

When retouching your jewelry, it is not a question of changing the basic structure of the material, but of presenting it perfectly. Thus contours, stones or engravings are worked out authentically and as realistically as possible. The colors, shine and reflections are highlighted to show the high quality of the product.

Especially in the field of advertising, jewelry replacements are often used. An unprocessed object between retouched models and a mounted background seems unprofessional and out of place. It does not matter whether the product is on the body of the model or is arranged in a collage. The adjustment of the subtleties is definitely necessary!

Give your individual piece of jewelry, collage or advertising to our professionals. We round off the overall picture so that you can provide your customers with an optimal result. Convince yourself of our abilities and ask you directly at a test. Your masterstroke will shine!

Freistellen Bildbearbeitung Grafik Briefumschlag



The perfect presentation in the onlineshop


Although it is easier for the customer to look at the product on the spot and try to buy more and more online purchase. In order to offer the perfect presentation and impress the customers from afar, you need absolutely professional product pictures. The high-quality design of your on-line shop also includes the optically effective arrangement of the products. Stand out from the customers and let them show you challenging positions!

A beautiful watch strap is not enough to move the viewer to a purchase decision. Focus your attention with additional effects such as reflection and shadows. Have the bracelets and watches in various unusual compositions and positions photographed: special products deserve a special treatment. You will notice that the effect is not long in coming!

Try our suggestion and get a free test. Our team is at your disposal by phone at +49 341 918 79 10 and via!