Vectorization for maximum flexibility

Do you want to use your company logo on different advertising materials and in different sizes? In order to be able to use the graphics individually, the conversion to vector graphics is recommended.

Are your graphics in bad quality or do you need your logo for a slate inscription for a cutting plotter or for USB sticks, engraving for lasering or milling? Our professional vector service creates vector files for graphics, blazon, drawings, company logos, scanned and photographed designs.

When you create a vector graphic, pixels from a raster graphic (also known as pixel graphics or bitmap) are converted into linear vectors from your template. Through this method, individual elements of an image are applied as a path and thus result in a vector graphic.

We recommend always vectorize your logo. For all the products you plan, you need a vector graphic as far as logos are concerned.


What is a vector graphic?

In the case of a vector graphic, each path that was created on the basis of the template can be continuously scaled. If you enlarge a conventional graphic there is a drastic loss of quality. Here, the number of pixels is fixed in advance and these are arranged in a grid-shaped manner with an exactly assigned color. When enlarging, your graphics will be blurred and unsuitable for printing.

If you buy a vector graphic, you can continue to work on this resolution independently, because you work with paths. A vector graphic basically consists only of lines and curves, which are determined by vectors. In the case of a change in size, the image quality remains because only the lengths of the vectors change.

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Who should create vector graphics?

Whenever you want to present your customers professionally, perfectly and quite large, you should let your logos work professionally. Whether you are planning an advertisement on a smaller vehicle or large format on a truck or a banner, you need loss-free scalable logos.

Do you need a new company logo, is your logo obsolete or simply no longer contemporary?

We are also offer you to take over a logo creation for your company. In addition to the new production, we also offer you the processing of existing logos, such as color changes, according to your wishes.

Vector graphic of portraits and images

Besides logos, pictures and products can also be vectorized. This allows you to use them for advertising campaigns, ads, or magazines. These graphics consist of simple lines, circles, or polygons that represent the object. Thus they can be changed in size without losing quality.

Are you planning a special gift? A printed image of you on canvas in comic style or do you need artistic support in a new campaign? In today´s world you always have something new to deliver. Do not let your lack of know-How in the area of ​​image processing stop you during your planning. Put out of the crowd with our experience and help!

We take your individual desires and provide you with a comprehensive consultation from our vector professionals.

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