Clipping with multipath
for perfect editing of details

Clipping with multi path gives you the maximum flexibility as user and designer of your pictures. In contrast to a conventional clipping path, you can use a multipath clipping to separate many individual image parts from each other by different paths.

For example, a multipath clipping of a shoe allows you to “part” the shoe into its components, view details, and work independently. You can also change the contrast, color or brightness of small elements in detail and edit them separately.

The paths can be saved as a jpg file and can therefore be called up at any time with a suitable software. This allows you to easily change the background, exchange individual components. You do not need a new clipping, the object is directly usable.

Ask our team for the benefits and have a detailed consultation. See for yourself how time-saving it is to have such a file already. You can reach us quickly and easily via our contact form or by phone at +49 341 918 79 10.

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Clipping with multipath –
our services:

  • Clipping with path
  • Paths in separete levels
  • Edit color, pattern, material, skin, hair and more
  • Decompose your motives
  • Retouch, colouring, postproduction
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Multipath for shoes, clothes and jewellery

Multipaths for shoes, clothing or jewellery are particularly popular. You can edit and change different garments at a single model individually. Certain components can thus also be highlighted or differently coloured.

If you want to display several products in one picture, but want to highlight, change, or edit them separately, the multipath-clipping is perfect. For example, a jeweler can show the composition of his or her jewellery in detail. Necklace, ring and bracelet can be placed next to each other and can be adjusted separately.

We will be happy to advise you on how to best present your products. Just contact us by e-mail or call +49 (0) 341 918 79 10. We look forward to seeing you!

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