Online shops: Nearly two-thirds are regular customers

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There is no door. And even while strolling through the city center, online shops can not be discovered. That is why the researchers at Statista have dealt with the question of how customers find their way to online shops at all. The result is a top ten, which has surprises.

Statista has done the following: They asked customers who they are moving to ultimately buy exactly the product at exactly the online store. Many platforms are running underneath, as for example experience websites such as Just 10 percent of the interviewees use this in the buying and decision-making process.

It should be a bit more solid and have a seal. For example, it can be interpreted as double the number of customer test sites, such as Stiftung Warentest or Finanztest. According to the price, 32 percent of the interviewees respond. They use pre-cut machines like

The top 3 opens eBay. 42 percent of customers browse through the marketplace to find the right online store. This once again underlines the importance of this platform. To a presence on eBay or even Amazon one comes as an online shop no longer around.

63 per cent, on the other hand, direct an online shop directly. They are therefore counted as regular customers. This proves that the generic structure of the customers is similar to those of the stationary trade. Because customers also often buy in the same business when they are satisfied. This also shows how important it is to keep in touch with customers after purchasing. Be it through a short satisfaction survey, a mailing with special offers or vouchers.

At the top of the list is also the profane search via search engines (66 percent). Here a mixture of good search engine marketing and coincidence plays a role. On the other hand, it is not.

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