Good for online stores: mobile index of Google hangs in the queue

By 21. June 2017February 6th, 2019E-Commerce, Onlineshop, Uncategorized

The small revolution is still going on. At least for the time being. Google will have to move the launch of its mobile index. The new technology, which would also have great consequences for the online shop, prefers the ranking mobile websites. Google wants to stand for the future, which is undoubtedly on the mobile platforms such as smartphones or tablets. This is already demonstrated by developments in e-commerce.

Gary Illyes, Google’s trend analyst, has now announced at a conference in Seattle that the company is “still a few quarters” of rolling out the mobile first index. “It will be a huge change, but do not panic now,” said Illyes.

At the same time, the Google man said that the new index should function in a way that does not discriminate against sites that are not mobile-friendly. Most online stores are already adjusted to the changes today and have mobile versions of their stores online.

Until it comes to the pure mobile first index, it can still take. Illyes said, “The timeframe can span several years, possibly up to five years before we have an index that is exclusively mobile.” Google keeps contact with webmasters to make the transition to the new technology as easy and smooth as possible shape. The actual index, however, is introduced earlier and is then expanded step by step. As early as the beginning of 2018 Google wants to start the conversion.

The question which the online shop still poses, however, is how the future handling of their presences should be. Do they also work on the mobile version being the top priority? Do you completely abandon apps and focus on the website of the online shop? Questions, which can only be answered if Google makes serious.

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