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For many years, product photography has been one of the most important advertising measures. While in the past the images still had to be elaborately developed, most photographers today rely on digital cameras. This has created quite new possibilities. Modern product photography has become an important issue, especially thanks to the many online shops and booming e-commerce.

With technical sophistication to produce effective product images

Today’s products should, if possible, be displayed very naturally and close to the touch. The potential customer is to receive the largest purchase incentive. This is also important because no one can hold a product in their hands in online shops. The feeling of touch is to be replaced by a perfect look. Overall, sales success also depends on the quality of the recordings.

With a lot of tools, products can be placed in the right light. Luminaries, phototics with hollow flutes, sufficient studioblumination and, of course, a suitable digital camera with a tripod should lead to success here. The photographer does not always have to have a particularly expensive equipment. It is often also with simplified means in a home studio. Almost everyone can create first-class product recordings today. Much more important is the creative scope for design, which leads to unmistakable individual photographs.

From the recording to the presentation

Photographers will initially use a plethora of photos for a single product until the appropriate image is found. As a general rule, hundreds of thousands of photos are slumbering on many hard disks from hobby and professional photographers, which may be needed again. Regardless of whether one or more photos are desired by a subject, each photographer will compile his narrow selection separately for a possible image processing. Almost everyone has an image processing program on their computer today. Unfortunately, only a few know all the functions. Therefore the question arises as to whether the effort is worth taking a picture processing so deep that the remaining valuable time for photographing is lost.

A professional service provider can save a lot of valuable time

In many online shops, product photos must necessarily be detached from the background. As a rule, this should be a snow-white background, which clearly shows the actual motif. A number of photographers are having trouble making pictures with an image processing. In this case, a professional freelance service, such as at, is a good thing to do. The desired photos are simply uploaded to the server of the release service and edited by the experts there.

The professionals there know the picture processing very well and can release photos, as the photographer wants it. The final result is made available to the client online, so that the latter can use the edited photos professionally for his presentation.

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